You agree that MedicalStall shall not be liable for any mistakes/errors in the pricing and stock or promotional information placed on our Site or through our Services. The amount to be paid by you shall be based on our prevailing sale price at the time we get your order, which may or may not be correctly displayed on the Site or through our Services. If a product offered by MedicalStall itself is not as specified, your sole remedy is to return it in the unused state.

If the actual price of any item requested by you is higher than that displayed on the Site or through our Services, MedicalStall will inform you, and you will be given an option to confirm or cancel your shopping of such item based on the right price. By verifying your order, you allow MedicalStall to charge the special rates to you. If you choose to cancel the purchase, we will reverse or refund payment for such item in accordance with our usual refund policy at such time. If we are unable to reach you, we will treat your order in respect of the incorrectly priced item as canceled. The final price will be the price on the day the goods are picked for collection/delivery.


MedicalStall will only deliver your order to the front door at the stated delivery location. In an event where MedicalStall has been instructed to leave your order on your doorstep, MedicalStall shall not be responsible for any significant, incidental, or specific injuries or damage of whatever records. If there are any changes in the delivery address/contact information made between submission of an order and delivery date, users are to update MedicalStall at least an hour before delivery. No alteration to a request is allowed once the order is prepared/processed/bought. To add items, kindly create a second-order before delivery and inform us via email/phone call. All amendments, if agreed to surcharge or cancellation of shipments, must be confirmed via a reply through email.


In an unusual case, we will refund the original purchase price that you have paid in less than two working days after the day on which you had the problem. Please see our Cancellations and Returns for further details.

Refund Timeline: If your order gets canceled – the payment against the order shall be refunded within 3-5 working days, and it may take a longer time in exceptional cases.

Product Availability & Refund: If for any reason beyond our reasonable control, we are unable to provide a particular item, we will not be accountable to you (user). Please note that the support team will contact you, and your item will either be canceled/reimbursed or offered an alternative product.

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