• Anesthesia Machine Anaeston 5000


    All major ventilation modes, such as assistance, power, and assist-control ventilation, have been incorporated into the Anaeston 5000 anesthesia machine. It provides detailed control and has a simple display interface to help produce and handle high-quality anesthesia.

    • A high-precision output as low as 20ml is given by the Anaeston 5000 anesthesia system.
    • It has automatic compensation for tidal volume and compliance.
    • Spontaneous and manual respiratory MV control functions are provided by the anesthesia unit.
    • It has PEEP electronic features.
    • Autoclavable and latex-free materials are used in the anesthesia delivery workstation.
    • The tool-free maintenance and cleaning of this equipment will help users.
    • The anesthesia system is CE-compliant, so consumers should feel comfortable when buying it.

    And what’s CSM?
    The new compact handheld electroencephalogram (EEG) display for anesthesia depth and pattern assessment is CSM. It can be used along with the patient monitor, distribution device of anesthesia, ceiling supply unit, etc. Stand-alone activities are also available.


    • An EEG waveform multi-parameter is shown.
    • For case documentation, CSM Connection software.
    • All screens show a Cerebral State Index (CSI) of 0-100.
    • Rechargeable operation of the battery is available.

    You will get the following benefits from the cerebral state monitor.

    • Consciousness quantitative test
    • Determining the ideal surgical situation
    • Shorter time for recovery
    • Less use of medications
    • Lower cost of surgery


    Laboratory hot air oven is suitable for various applications for heating, drying, sterilizing and baking in laboratories, hospitals, and industries in the fields of agricultural, medical and industrial research.PID Temperature Control provides automatic compensation for excellent accuracy after changing the load, setting changes or opening the door. In order to provide excellent uniformity, the natural convection heat distribution combines with the adjustable air vents Gigantic. Double wall construction, 5-sided fiberglass insulation, interior and exterior walls, and silicon rubber door sealing reduce heat loss and power drain. Indoor chamber and shelves in stainless steel are resistant to corrosion, durable and easy to clean. External powder coating is beautiful, durable and resistant to corrosion.

  • Coagulation Analyzer, D-CG44 (Four-channels)


    • A friendly operating system, large LCD display
    • Advanced optical lighting principle and percentage analysis ensure accurate results
    • Special cup location testing system, the addition of sample bracket
    • Optional PT Fibrinogen testing method, deletion of reagent dosage
    • Open reagent system, low reagent consumption up to 20ul
    • Top quality thermostat, 37±0.3°C accuracy
    • Precise dispensing: CV < 3%
    • 10,000 test results memory.
    • Internal thermal-sensitive printer
    • Electronically linked pipette
    • Conduct all routine tests such as PT, APTT, TT, fibrinogen and coagulation factors
  • Colorimeter/ Spectrophotometer

    Photoelectric Colorimeter AE-30F


    Model AE-30F is designed for easy operation with long-lasting performance, powerful functions, and fast, accurate, cost-effective routine analysis measurement. The Lamp, Hear-absorption filters, Lens and Diaphragm are its optical systems. The light that traverses this device falls on the current producing photo-cell which works on the LED display(of AE-30F) to read directly. They are commonly used in the laboratory and other research fields and have reached the market for more than ten years.

  • Micro Plate Reader Machine BC-660Plus (Elisa)

    Micro Plate Reader Machine(Elisa)


    Product Name Micro Plate Reader (Elisa)
    Brand Bio-Check
    Model BC-660Plus
    Origine USA
    Plate type 96-well plate or other plates
    Light source 8V/20V Halogen lamp
    Wavelength range 400-700nm
    Filters 405,450,492,630,(optional filters can be superadded)
    Accuracy ≤±0.01A
    Repeatability ≤1.0%
    Linearity ≤±1.0%(0 ~ 1.5A)
    Resulation 0.0001 Abs
    Reading speed 5 sec single-wavelength (96wells)
    Reading channel 8 channel
    Shaking High, Middle, Low speed selectable
    Display Large touch LCD
    Memory up to 10000 test results
    Printer Built-in Printer or external printer
    Output RS-232port
    Dimensions 460mm × 320mm × 210mm
    Weight 8kg
  • Electrolyte Analyzer Erba Lyte Plus

    Electrolyte Analyzer Erba Lyte Plus

    Product Description:

    The ERBA LYTE series of electrolyte analyzers are automated, microprocessor-controlled analytical analyzers that use ISE (Ion Selective Electrode) technology to measure ions in human body fluids — potassium (K), sodium (Na), chloride (Cl), calcium (Ca), lithium (Li), pH and HCO3- (CO2).

    • Low sample volume: 150ul per test only
    • Touch Screen
    • User-friendly technology
    • Low cost per test
    • Auto standby mode
    • Autosampler (optional)
    • Long-life electrodes
    • A wide range is accessible.
  • Bio-Chemistry analyzer Machine BC-9200(USA)

    Bio-Chemistry analyzer Machine BC-9200(USA)


    • Easy Keypad Operating With LCD
    • Wavelength range 330-800nm, 5 standard filters, 3more filters optional
    • Reagent open system supports flow cell and cuvette mode, close system on request
    • Analytical modes include kinetic, fixed time, bio chromatic endpoint or without reagent blank or sample blank, linear or non-linear calibration curves
    • Up to 200 programs and 2200 test result can be stored
    • Excellent QC function 32 controls per test
    • Internal thermal-sensitive printer
    • The compact design enables user-day to maintains
    • Multi-language software available on request
  • ESR Analyzer Ves-Matic-20

    ESR Analyzer Ves-Matic-20

    • Further Benefits Good Performance
    • Real Walk Automation -Internal mixing and reading
    • Infra-red detector to prevent lipid and bilirubin interference
    • Temperature correction to 18 C
    • Analysis of kinetics
    • Analysis of sedimentation in 20 minutes
    • Storage of 4000 samples by card unit
    • Evacuated plastic tube to draw 1.2 ml of blood
    • Absolutely safe analysis
    • Inbuilt scanner.
  • Blood Diagnostics


    Complete blood count from a fingerprick and two drops of blood

    Compact, easy to use, and cost effective in low-volume settings, with 510(k) clearance for use in moderately complex labs.

  • Foldable Electric Wheelchair With Shock Absorber DLY-810

    Foldable Electric Wheelchair With Shock Absorber DLY-810

    Steel Powder Coating
    Detachable footrest
    Flip-up armrest
    Front shock absorbers
    Lithium battery (12Ah )


    Product Name Electric Wheel Chair
    Brand Maidesite
    Model DLY-810 series
    Overall Dimension 1080 x 600 x 950mm
    Folded Size(L*W*H) 790 x 400 x 710mm
    Seat (W*D*H) 440 x 420 x 510mm
    Front Wheels 10” Solid Wheels
    Back Wheels 16” Rubber Inflatable Wheels
    Battery Lead-acid 12V12A*2pcs or Lithium
    Motor & Speed 24V 250W *2pcs & 0-6km/h 5gears
    Net weight 34.5kg
    Gross weight 44kg
    Material Shinning silver powder painting
  • Talking Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor BC19(Beurer-Germany)

    Beurer BC 19 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor easily and quickly measures your blood pressure, storing the results and displaying the readings along with the average. The blood pressure values are classified and evaluated graphically as shown in the user manual according to the guidelines for a blood pressure of the WHO.

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