• RMS Corus 9 HD High Frequency HD C-Arm Machine

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    RMS Corus 9 HD High-Frequency HD C-Arm Machine


    An all-new Range of C-arm is available for applications in Orthopedics, Urology, and Abdominal Surgery. Machines incorporate the latest technology in their design to make them User friendly, Reliable, Safe, and simple. The End result is Excellent Image Quality for the right diagnosis and treatment. C-arms are supplied in Line and High-Frequency Generators with Stationary and Rotating Anode X-ray Tube Monoblocks. Models with Video Chains of 50/100 Hz. and Monitors of 15/17” are available in the Range. We are the leading manufacturer of C-arm X-ray machine in India. RMS manufactures high-quality C-arm machines at a very affordable price.

    • 40kHz, 3.5 kW High-frequency X-ray generator
    • Digital Console with 5.7″ LCD graphics monitor
    • 6″ Image Intensifier/9″ Triple Image Field Intensifier
    • Laser Aimer reduces unnecessary doses of x-ray to the patient and to the doctor.
    • 1⁄2″ CCD camera B/W
    • 100 frames Memory of high definition image
    • 1 No, no. HD Control of 29″
    • Actuator Regulated UP/DOWN “C” movement
    • Cable Deflector Wheels
    • Trolley with Image Memory, Monitors, and Servo Stabilizer

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